Studio Teacher Certification

BodyTree Academy's Studio Teacher Certification course is a 45 hour course and is a requirement to complete for those looking to become a Comprehensive Certified Pilates teacher. The Studio Teacher Certification covers the Wundachair, High Barrel and the Trapeze Table also known as the Cadillac.



Total program hours : 45hrs

Prerequisite hours : Pilates Matwork Teacher Certification or Equivalent, AND Prehab Trainer Upper Limb and Lower Limb.

Classroom hours : 3×15 = 45hr 

*Additional Program hours :

15 Self Practice Teaching Hours

15 Student Teacher Hours

for those pursuing the BTA Comprehensive Teacher Certification Track.

(Study Hours for Prehab Trainer Upper Limb and Lower Limb: 40hrs)


Studio Teacher Training (2-7pm for all days)

September 24 - 26,

October 8 -10, 22-24


The Wunda Chair is an apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates. The Wunda Chair is a challenge because, in all of the repertoire, there is only a small part of the body that is connected to the Chair. 

Trapeze Table/Cadillac

Named for the American automobile brand that represented “the best of everything” during the 1950s and 60s, the Cadillac is the largest of the Pilates apparatuses. It resembles a four-poster twin bed, raised off the floor and outfitted with a variety of metal eyelets, springs, a wooden grab bar, and even something called a “Trapeze” attachment. The Cadillac is extremely versatile: the repertoire is performed lying down, both prone and supine, seated, kneeling, and standing.

High Barrel

The Ladder Barrel consists of a short but wide ladder connected to a Barrel which is set to the height of the ladder. The distance between the ladder and the barrel can be adjusted to suit people of different heights. The combination of ladder with high barrel allows for standing stretches, and, in comparison to the other barrels, more acrobatic full body weight exercises and handstands to be practised.

Choose a Pricing Option


Full Payment

12 payments of $250.60/month

12 Month Installment


  1. Pilates Matwork Certification OR Existing Certified Pilates Teacher at any level (Reformer/Spine Corrector) AND
  2. Prehab Trainer Modules: Upper Limb, and Lower Limb

Successful completion and clearing of Evaluation will certify you to teach the Studio repertoire.


Q1. What is the Studio Teacher Certification Course?


This is a 45+hour program to certify you to teach the Pilates repertoire on the Wundchair, High Barrel and Cadillac. The Studio Teacher Certification course is also the a required course to complete for the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher track.


The 45+ hours are made up of:


- 45 CLASSROOM HOURS (refer to schedule)

For those pursuing the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Program Track, additional hours:

15 PRACTICE HOURS: self practice/group classes with BTA/or private sessions with Pilates BodyTree (PBT) 

- 15 PRACTICE TEACHING HOURS: 1-1 teaching.


The student will be awarded the teaching certificate upon completing all required hours above AND meeting the minimum requirements of the Theory, and Performance evaluations. For those pursuing the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program, there is an additional Teaching Evaluation component.

Q2. How is the Studio Teacher Certification Course unique? 

The BTA believes in teaching excellently. 

We want to help you help others move well and with ease. 

This is why Prehab Trainer Upper Limb and Lower Limb are prerequisites to sign up for this course. The BTA Approach is a client-centric approach. We believe in teaching the bodies (clients) presented, as opposed to mindlessly applying a fixed sequence of exercises to any client. 

During the training, you will learn the critical thinking process. This process is imperative for you to teach a class that is relevant, meaningful and effective for your clients

You will understand and learn how to do each Reformer exercise well and what each exercise’s primary intention is. But more importantly, you will:

- Learn how to look and “read” a body (your clients’)

- Make informed judgements about what you see

- Learn to make modifications or progressions to an exercise as required

Q3. How do I get accepted into the Studio Teacher Certification?

Prerequisite hours :

  • Min. Pilates Matwork Teacher Certification
  • AND Prehab Trainer Upper Limb and Lower Limb.

Q4. What is the fee* for the Studio Teacher Certification? What does it include?


The Studio Teacher Training Certification* is SGD2,907. 

This fee consists of 45 classroom hours, Program manuals. Please set aside additional budget for rental of studio for teaching hours,* and also BTA Faculty led group classes.

*for Comprehensive Teacher Training Program Track

Q6. Do I need to set aside additional budget for the Reformer Teacher Training Certification?


Yes. Please plan to set aside additional budget for:

- Practice hours (varies) : please refer to PBT packages*

- Studio rental for solo teaching*

- Evaluation Fee ($200)

- BTA led group classes

*for Comprehensive Teacher Training Program Track

Q8. What are my payment options?

Payment is available via bank transfer, PayNow/PayLah, cheque or via teachable.

If you would like to pay with a credit card, you may do so at PBT Central. 

Q9. If I sign up for the Studio Teacher Training Certification then decide later that I want to take up the BTA Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certification, how would it work?

You will need to inform Tabitha ([email protected]) of your intention and we will advise accordingly.