At BodyTree Academy, we empower, whether it is training new Pilates Teacher Trainees or experience fitness professionals, on how to effectively instruct and help the body that is in front of them; with evidence based training and a strong foundation in biomechanics.

BodyTree Academy (BTA) is an education provider in the fitness industry. It offers continuing education courses and workshops for fitness professionals in Singapore and South East Asia. It also offers the BTA Pilates Matwork Teacher Training Program and the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program for those seeking a career as a certified Pilates teacher.

Since 2008, BTA graduates have consisted of students from Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, India, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Korea.

40 years combined Teaching Experience

As a team, the BTA faculty has over 40 years of teaching experience and is fully Pilates Method Alliance certified.

The founding members studied directly with the late Pilates master teacher, Ron Fletcher (1921-2011) and have spent at least eighteen years each in various forms of Mobility Fitness™ related training programs.